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Packaging Solutions

Linwave Technology is able to offer custom packaging solutions for semiconductor manufacturers or end users who require a surface mount device that only exists in die form.

Linwave Technology has a state of the art facility with semiconductor assembly capability. The facility is approximately 2,000 sq ft of temperature controlled class 10,000 clean room. Local area class 100 laminar flow for sensitive assembly processes.

Linwave Technology has the following assembly and test capabilities:

  • Thermosonic, epoxy and eutectic die mount capability
  • Ball, wedge and tape bond capability down to 7.5µm wire size
  • Specialize in GaAs die assembly including ‘soft touch bonding’
  • Hermetic sealing capability using eutectic or projection welding techniques
  • Epoxy encapsulation (Glob top) option
  • Circuit and die singulation capability
  • Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) facilities
  • DC test and characterization capability
  • RF test, measurement and characterization capability up to 94GHz
  • Thermal resistance test capability

In addition, Linwave Technology has the capability to provide services for the packaging, optimization and RF and electrical performance characterization of a broad range of products including the following:-

The packaging facility is capable of handling diode, MMIC and Multi Chip Module products.

For demanding applications Linwave Technolgy can offer packages that control the surface finish. This provides solutions to combat tin whisker and gold embrittlement issues sometimes found in military applications. To complement this capability suitably packaged parts can also be hermetically sealed.

Obsolescence Solutions – Linwave Technology offers a service to package obsolescent die and the capability to package modern equivalents to replace obsolete packaged devices.