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MMIC Packaging

Linwave Technology offers custom MMIC solutions. Linwave has the ability to package MMIC devices that are currently only available as die hence making a much wider range of components available. This service is available to MMIC manufacturers or to end users who only have access to SMT manufacturing.

Linwave utilizes Linwave Technology to characterize and test the packaged MMIC to ensure optimum performance. Linwave Technology is able to fully characterize packaged devices to 50GHz. The in-house expertise is used to optimize parameters such as gain flatness, output power and input/output matches.

For demanding applications Linwave can offer packages that control the surface finish. This provides solutions to combat tin whisker and gold embrittlement issues sometimes found in military applications. The use of the latest liquid crystal polymer LCP packaging processes allows for excellent broadband performance from these QFN packages. Complementing this QFN assembly capability, suitably packaged parts can also be hermetically sealed.

Obsolescence Solutions –Linwave offer a service to package obsolescent die and the capability to package modern equivalents to replace obsolete packaged devices.

Custom Packaging of Microwave Devices

  • QFN packages, Micro X, SOIC etc or customer specified package
  • GaAS MMICs
  • GaN FETs

Standard Parts

  • Limiters
  • Detectors
  • Gain Equalisers
  • Attenuators
  • Switches
  • Gain Blocks

Linwave can also provide bespoke combinations of MMICs, micro-controllers, supply regulators etc and passive devices to create complete multi-chip modules.