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A.T.E. Programming

ateLinwave  offers a subcontract ATE programming service. Our significant experience of the NI Labview programming environment (specifically in RF test and automation applications) allows us to offer our customers value-added product integration and production test solutions.

We have written ATE modules to support most of the popular RF and microwave test equipment manufacturers products, including: Agilent/HP, Rhode & Schwarz, RDL, Fluke, Philips, IFR, TTI, Gigatronics, Tektronix, LeCroy and ESS.

Our software is thoroughly tested to ensure a robust and stable platform for your requirements. The modular nature of our software allows for later expansion to match a customer’s evolving demands and reduces code duplication across products.

A fully automated test procedure offers a number of distinct advantages compared to manual testing:

  • Reduced test time
  • Improved productivity
  • Reduced configuration and testing errors
  • Improved outgoing product quality
  • Continuous statistical monitoring

Our ATE service can simply be used to automate a few tedious production tests or provide a complete production test suite. Some of the features that can be incorporated into an ATE test system include:

  • Real time data gathering and processing
  • Real time statistical process control (SPC)
  • Automated yield analysis
  • Automatic Pass/Fail criteria
  • Automated failure analysis
  • Automatic WIP control
  • Generation of final sign off paperwork
  • Stop after a predetermined number of consecutive fails
  • Automatic prompting of calibration
  • Result sharing over a computer network
  • Store module test data into embedded characterization memory