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As a leading supplier of Custom Microwave Solutions, New Product Introduction is a key skill set over-arching our services below. Our engineering project and management process allows for high level of interaction and feedback with customers to ensure accurate scope definition is maintained through the process. As customers move to optimise their key areas of IP, we can supplement internal groups with a high level of External Enterprise Engineering.

Linwave provides a state of the art semiconductor & MMIC assembly, packaging and test facility. Areas of expertise include microwave diode packaging, limiter assemblies and we can offer a custom MMIC packaging service. The test facility has the capability to test and characterize devices up to 94GHz. The packaging expertise includes hermetic ceramic packages for demanding applications as well as higher volume lower cost commercial applications.

Our capabilities include:

  • Custom Packaging of  Microwave Devices
    • QFN, SOIC etc or customer specification
    • GaAS mmics
    • GaN FETs
    • PIN, Schottky, Gunn Diodes
    • Multi-chip Modules
  • Design of Custom Modules and transition to production thro NPI process
    • Transceivers and converters
    • Oscillators and control components
    • Amplifiers
    • Receivers
  • Optimisation and Characterisation to 110GHz
    • Control of Thermal Resistance / Circuit Parasitics
  • Obsolescence Solutions
  • Control of surface finish – combat Tin Whiskers / Gold Embrittlement
  • Fully Hermetic options



MMIC Packaging
Linwave offer custom MMIC solutions. LEMS has the ability to package MMIC devices that are currently only ...