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Converter Receiver Wideband Input Selector Module

The LW24-111273 is a compact integrated broadband dual channel Input Selector Module (ISM) for use in the front end of receiver systems.

The module utilises 2 broadband microwave channels covering 0.5GHz to 18GHz and a low frequency 2 way passive power splitter covering 0.5 to 2GHz.

Each of the microwave channels has 2 inputs that can be independently switched to one of 2 outputs, alternatively both inputs can be combined and switched to either output. The internal conguration provides high isolation between the active and isolated ports.
Externally controllable attenuators provide ne gain control (0.5dB steps) on both inputs to allow level matching and a 3 step course attenuator provides overall level control.

The module incorporates all the power supply and control electronics to provide the required functionality. The internal switching is FET based to provide fast switching speeds with minimal current consumption.

  • Custom configurations are available on request
  • Multi channel broadband operation
  • High Isolation
  • Programmable attenuation
  • Fast switching speed
  • LW24 – 111273 Input Selector Module