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Amplifier, Broadband Power 20-6000 MHz 2.5 W, LW10-793611

The Broadband Power Amplifier is a solid-state, Class AB  module based on advanced GaN HEMT technology. It employs a rugged design; ideal for pulsed or CW applications whilst offering exceptional performance and functionality in a small and lightweight form factor.

This module employs proprietary matching networks and combining techniques that ensure optimum Broadband power amplifier performance at low cost. Advanced and unique features are accessible via an FPGA-based serial interface. For ease of system management discrete I/O is employed to control main module functions.

  • Freq: 20 to 6,000MHz
  • O/P power: +34dBm Psat min
  • Gain: 29dB
  • Supply 720mA typ at +28V

Please consult factory for additional feature sets or alternate Power options, we specialise in collaborating to meet your exact needs.

 Electronic Warfare/Countermeasures
 Broadband Mobile Jamming Applications
 Airborne, Aircraft and UAV Equipment
 Power Amplifier Stage for Wireless Infrastructure
 Test and Measurement Equipment
 General Purpose Broadband Transmitter Amplification