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March 20 New vacancy

This position is now filled, but please contact if you have similar skills and are interested as growth plans will identify similar requirements in the future….

Lead rf/electronics engineer

The role of Lead RF/Electronics Design Engineer will involve a hands-on engineering approach with focus on taking a lead role in assigned development programmes at Linwave Technologies.

Other responsibilities include;

Taking a customer specification or an internally generated conceptual design and realising an acceptable product.

Generating bid costs for development projects and the associated basic project plans, using existing company standard bid templates.

Performing design simulations of the conceptual design to generate a basic device line-up and hence cost.

Generation of a provisional BOM (resource list) at the earliest possible stage in the bid/project in order to control the build standard.

Strict application and use of the company design review process and check-gates throughout the duration of the project.

Responsibility for leading development projects and managing the delivery within the cost budget and timescale constraints.

Pulling in and coordinating the activity of other resource as and when required in order to meet project timescales.

Ensuring documentation is complete to the required standard during project execution and at project completion.

Stimulate and encourage idea generation for new product developments.


Keep abreast of the latest / emerging technologies and look for areas where Linwave could use its skills to exploit the marketplace.


Linwave is a small company and its employees must be versatile and flexible in adapting to new tasks where required.

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